Gospodarze Zagrody Kuwasy przy stajni

Hi, this is Agnieszka and Krzyś! The Biebrza Region is home to either locals or “Biebrzans”. We are among the latter. Welcome to our sanctuary of peace and quiet.

In harmony with nature

Biebrza National Park

We are directly neighbouring the most extensive national park in Central Europe

The Shinrin-yoku forest baths

Forest bathing is more than just a simple walk through the forest. In fact, we are so lucky to be able to take our guests to a nearby forest that has been under protection for over 100 years!

Nature weekends

Exclusive private tours with famous naturalists and ornithologists

Rivers and lakes

We are neighbouring the clean, navigable Jegrznia River, while the nearby Dreństwo and Rajgrodzkie lakes invite you to take a dip.

Beyond the river under the forest

Those who perceive Masuria as a place of crowds of noisy tourists, but who desire a peaceful holiday in the countryside, are welcome to visit the eastern tip of Masuria. Here, the Ełk and Augustów Lake District neighbours the unspoilt land of elk and birds, the Biebrza National Park, and Podlasie villages charm with their wooden houses, flower gardens and roadside shrines. It is in such an idyllic landscape that Zagroda Kuwasa is situated.

Why the Zagroda Kuwasy?

Our visitors often ask what Kuwasa is. This is the name of the historic marshland area between Grajewo and Rajgrod, now reclaimed. But there is more to it than that. Zbigniew Nienacki, in his series of books about Mr Samochodzik, created the character Diablo Kuwasa, who led astray wanderers astray.

Fall in love with Biebrza

The Biebrza reveals its charms at any time of the year. In the early spring, it is worthwhile to watch the migration spectacle of thousands of flocks of wild geese over the gigantic floodplain of the Biebrza River, while in late spring you will see, for example, tocking ruffs among a sea of blooming marsh marigolds. In autumn, the moose have their mating season known as beeching, while huge flocks of cranes gather at the staging area. The winter is a time for observing and tracking large mammals such as elk and wolves.

At the Zagroda Kuwasy there is an entrance card sales point for the Biebrza National Park. We collaborate with excellent licensed guides. Our reception will be pleased to help you organise a guided tour that will be your eyes and ears in the world of Biebrza wildlife.

See a video of the Zagroda Kuwasy

Check out our offer for a self-catering stay at the Zagroda Kuwasy. Comfortable rooms with many amenities. We are a pet friendly place 🐶.

Great place for a holiday,

reset from civilisation, delicious food, very nice owners, great service. Sun, nature, vicinity of the National Park, animals.

Iwona Sierpińska-Tułacz

Wonderful place,

which is just great, excellent location, nice owners, it is simply beautiful.

Karolina Łęgowska

The guesthouse in the direct vicinity of the National Park

Excellent place to stay and wander around the perches, super comfortable room, delicious homemade food, nice hosts offering advice and information about the area

Michał Przybysz