Fall in love with Biebrza

Biebrza reveals its charms at any time of the year. In the early spring, it is worthwhile to watch the spectacle of flocks of wild geese flying over the gigantic Biebrza River, and in late spring you will see, for example, tocking ruffs among a sea of blooming marsh marigolds. In autumn, the moose have their mating season known as beeching, and huge flocks of cranes gather at the staging area. Winter is the time to observe and track large mammals such as elk and wolves.

At the Zagroda Kuwasy there is an entry card sales point for the Biebrza National Park. We collaborate with excellent licensed guides. Our reception will be pleased to help you organise a guided tour that will become your eyes and ears in the world of Biebrza wildlife.

Biebrza National Park

We are directly neighbouring the most extensive national park in Central Europe.

Shinrin-yoku forest baths

Forest bathing is more than just a simple walk in the woods. We are very lucky to be able to take our guests to a nearby forest that has been under protection for over 100 years!

Nature weekends

Exclusive private tours with renowned naturalists and ornithologists

River and lakes

We are located next to the clean, navigable Jegrznia River, and the nearby Dreństwo and Rajgrodzkie lakes invite you to take a dip.

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